Do you have a great idea?

The Business Discovery session is for you if:

  1. You are at the early stages of creating a business, or…
  2. You are intending to create a new website and you want to lay the strongest foundation for it

It was originally formulated for clients who wanted to go that extra mile towards their new website by clearly establishing their strategic aims. But after glowing praise from clients, it soon became clear that this process offered rewards far beyond just getting clear about the aims and requirements of a website. In fact it was helping clients find clarity around the purpose and direction of their entire business.

You’ll leave the business discovery session with:


Enable you to establish what the primary aims and values of your business are


Tell you how you can enact these goals through specific actions


Gain insight and clarity around the goals and direction of your business


Establish a rock-solid foundation you can take into any subsequent website project

A business discovery session is for you if:

  • If you’re already clear on the aims of your business, the Business Discovery session is recommended if you want to really get the very most out of making a website.

  • If you’re at the early stages of planning a business, there’s a great chance you’ll leave the Business Discovery session feeling clear, inspired and with specific goals in mind. You’ll also have a fantastic blueprint for a successful website for when you’re ready.

The Business Discovery Process is available whether you order a website or not. Read below to find out more and see what previous clients have said about it.

During the session we will:

  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Create tangible, practical goals for your business that require concrete, specific actions
  • Workout how to offer more value than your competitors
  • Think about how we might brand and market your business
  • Establish the requirements for a website that will enable your business to succeed

Sessions normally last around two hours and can be undertaken in person or online. A written summary of the session shall be emailed to you later.

This great value package costs just £197.

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