The Embodiment Portal

An online community, online course and e-commerce website serving 5000+ students.

The Embodiment Unlimited members portal is an online community serving over 5000 members, and features an array of engaging functionality, making it a fun and interactive learning space. The website provides:

  • Facebook-style social media interaction
  • Forums where community members discuss related topics
  • Over 40 courses that can be purchased and taken online at any time
  • Private groups related to specific courses where students can hang out online and discuss their course
  • Online store with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways
  • Integrated live Zoom calls for members

Web design


Online courses

Online community and social networking


(Please note that the initial design we had perfected at launch has unfortunately been modified a fair bit since we launched this project, but the different features of the website can still be seen.)