Monetise your knowledge with a professional online course website

Selling courses is easier than you think, and can open up a world of additional or even passive income. Here at Utama Studio we have a wealth of experience in setting up online course websites for small and large programs alike.

From a single signature program to a library of dozens of courses for thousands of students, we've done it. Contact us know to find out how easy it is to create your own online course website.

The future of community is online

The world has changed, and whether we think it's for the best or not, there's a huge opportunity in providing online community for your tribe.

Our experience in setting up online community websites means you can count on us to help you deliver a professional experience to your audience, and the possibility of recurring revenue for you.

Case study

The Embodiment Portal

The Embodiment Unlimited members portal is an online community website featuring an array of engaging functionality, making it a fun and interactive space for thousands of members and students. The website provides:

  • Facebook-style social media interaction
  • Forums where community members discuss related topics
  • Over 40 courses that can be purchased and taken online at any time
  • Private groups related to specific courses where students can hang out online and discuss their course
  • Online store with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways
  • Integrated live Zoom calls for members

(Some of the appearance of this website has changed since we last worked on this project, but the general functionality can be still seen.)