Screw the Cubicle

Tap Into Your Genius Zone To Create A Business That Gives You The Freedom You Crave

Screw the Cubicle founder Lydia came to us seeking a new website for her thriving online business. Although her current website had served her well and was landing her clients, it was loading slowly and starting to look dated. It had also been built somewhat inefficiently, a things like blog posts were tedious to create.

In order to meet the requirement of a really fast website, we installed a fresh instance of WordPress and deployed our super-light theme of choice GeneratePress, which allows us to achieve sub-half a second page load speeds with ease. We also used the WordPress backend-block system so the site isn’t not weighed down by a page builder.

To help Lydia be more efficient, we set up a templated blogging system, so that posts can be published quickly.

To refresh the look and feel of the brand for 2023, we tweaked the colour scheme a little, introducing some complementary new subtle shades, discarding a colour that didn’t sit well, introducing the use of gradients, and a graphic motif that could be used around the site.

Web design and development