Viaje Diamante

Viaje Diamante is a boutique travel agency specialising in tours to Bali, Indonesia, and serving the Latin American market. Viaje Diamante approached us requiring a classy and sophisticated website that reflects their quality tour offerings, and to appeal to the luxury market they target.

We aimed for a classic and refined approach, as seen in the font selection and colour scheme we deployed. A video background is utilised on the homepage to create the evocative sense of wonder one might feel while exploring the island of Bali.

It’s always a bit of a dilemma whether to use a video background on a website or not. On the one hand they tend to look fantastic, and add a certain dynamism that can captivate an audience. On the other hand, they absolutely slow a website’s load speed down, which is a ranking factor to Google, and can degrade the user experience.

In this case, because it was a travel agency website and we want to evoke the audience’s imagination, and get them really dreaming about how nice it would be to be in Bali, we decided a video would be an effective tool.

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